(Almost) everything you wanted to know about Cellebrite’s new training and certification

Cellebrite UFED Certification TrainingOn Monday we announced our brand-new mobile forensics training curriculum and standardized certification, a development we’re quite excited about. The new curriculum means that investigators worldwide will benefit from the same coursework and certifications. This will not only strengthen their individual testimony in court; it will also strengthen the value of a Cellebrite certification. Here’s what you might want to know most about the new training:

When will the new courses become available?

The new training in its instructor-led classroom-based modes has already begun to roll out. Instructor-led web-based training will roll out in the very near future for those classes that lend themselves to live online delivery. Self-paced online training becomes available in December. Be sure to check our training web page for updates!

What do the new courses cover?

The 1-day, entry-level Mobile Forensic Fundamentals course introduces students to baseline concepts to ensure they gain the prerequisite knowledge to understand issues surrounding the handling of mobile devices as evidence.

The 2-day, intermediate-level Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO) course exposes students to the basics of mobile device investigations, logical extraction of user data using the UFED Touch, and analysis of mobile devices with a variety of operating systems.

The 3-day, advanced-level Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst course focuses on the use of the Cellebrite UFED Ultimate to perform file system extractions, physical extractions, password bypass and the advanced analysis of evidentiary items using UFED Physical Analyzer software.

We’re offering these courses within a number of bundles. Contact your regional sales representative, or submit a training inquiry, to learn more about hosting the Cellebrite 5-Day Mobile Device Examiners Course, the Cellebrite 3-Day Fundamental and Logical Bundle, or the Ultimate 6-Day Course Bundle.

Can you opt out of taking the written examinations and practical skill challenges?

The tests and skill challenges included within the CCLO and CCPA courses are optional. However, if you opt not to take the test(s), you will earn a certificate of completion and will not be eligible for the new CCLO or CCPA certificates, both of which are required to take the CCME.

What if you just got certified last year?

All legacy certificates that were issued by approved providers that reported them to Cellebrite will be honored for two years from the date of issue. However, only CCLO and CCPA holders who have completed the prerequisites my take the CCME.

Does certification expire? And how do you recertify?

Your certification will expire in two years from the date of issue. You’ll receive an email reminding you to recertify.

Is UFED Link Analysis a separate training class? When does it become available?

UFED Link Analysis does not require certification, so currently it is not a formal part of our training offerings. However, we regularly offer tutorial webinars that overview the various features. Watch your email and be sure to sign up when you see a UFED Link Analysis webinar offered on a convenient time and date. If you desire some formal training on Link Analysis, please contact the training department to arrange it.

If you’ve never taken a Cellebrite training course, or your certification has expired or is about to expire, now is a great time to sign up for a class—or arrange for a class to be taught in your area. Contact us today for more details!