Join us at LegalTech 2014 and learn about mobile ESI

This week we’re at the Hilton New York for LegalTech 2014, where we’ll be exhibiting UFED 4PC, UFED Touch, and UFED Link Analysis for e-discovery and litigation support practitioners.

Mobile e-discovery is still a nascent discipline, but text messages, data found in apps, and even GPS data have all proven relevant in employment, intellectual property, fraud, and other cases. At LawTech Europe Congress last October, Cellebrite forensic technical director Yuval Ben-Moshe moderated a panel of experts in discussing these issues at length.

Panelists Patrick Burke, e-discovery counsel at Reed Burke, and Damien Murphy, a barrister at Enterprise Chambers, agreed that they’d worked on several cases in which mobile evidence would have made the litigation go easier, while panelist Jo Sherman, founder and CEO of EDT, raised the point that better awareness is needed around what’s possible: a less document-oriented approach that considers how to find information in new ways, depending on the needs and circumstances of the case.

Watch the entire panel presentation in the video below. And, if you’d like to discuss further with our experts this side of the pond, visit us in New York at Booth #1503!