Cellebrite will be exhibiting all over the map this October

October is gearing up to be a super busy month for Cellebrite! A wide variety of events are scheduled for Cellebrite all across the globe. Meet us in Prague, Moscow, Miami, Orlando, London, Beijing and Bogota, where we will be presenting the UFED product line, provide live demo’s, and deliver presentations on hot industry topics for e-Discovery, security and law enforcement markets.


 Mobile users leave behind digital traces on their devices, which can come a long way in any legal proceedings involving criminal or civil matters. Electronically stored information on mobile devices (or mobile ESI) represents an important category of relevant information and is quickly becoming critical for wide variety of investigations and litigations including employment, fraud, intellectual property, securities, and others.

October 19-21: LawTech Europe, Prague, Czech Republic

Cellebirite will kick things off at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague for the LawTech (LTECH) Europe Congress. LTech brings together professionals in law, technology, governance, and compliance to address four core areas in digital forensics: Digital evidence, forensic investigations, cyber security and legal technology.  Yuval Ben-Moshe, Cellebrite’s Senior Director, Forensic Technologies, will deliver two presentations during the show:

  • Mobile Devices and Mobile ESI – Facts and Myths, together with Daniel Bican from Ernst & Young
  • Mobile Devices and Mobile ESI – Proactivity Goes a Long Way

(For further details on Cellebrite’s presentations, please see the show’s agenda: http://www.lawtecheuropecongress.com/)

Stop by booth #601 to learn about live demo sessions, where we will that cover current techniques and tools for data search and data collection from mobile devices.

October 23: e-Discovery & e-Investigations Forum, London, United Kingdom

Join us at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London for a one-day e-Discovery and e-Investigations Forum to learn how Cellebrite addresses the challenges that are surfacing the e-Discovery domain for mobile data collection. Yuval Ben-Moshe, Senior Director, Forensic Technologies, will be presenting on ‘Mobile Devices and Mobile ESI – Facts and Myths,’ and enlightening the crowd on the need to retrieve mobile data in cases of litigation, regulation or investigation, and discuss the processes required to obtain information from mobile devices within a litigation process.

Attendees from legal, compliance, finance, HR, investigations and more, are welcome to our booth to learn about our expertise in mobile data retrieval and analysis.


October 21-24: Intepolitex, Moscow, Russia

As LawTech ends, another exciting show begins for Cellebrite in Moscow. The Interpolitex is the largest homeland security exhibition in Russia, taking place, organized by the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Security Service, and Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.  Drop by booth #1C3-1 to learn about the UFED’s recent developments, and how Cellebrite’s mobile forensics solutions can help solve cybercrime.

October 23-24: Latin America and Caribbean Summit 2014, Miami, Florida

Join our LATAM Forensics Sales Director, Frederico Bonincontro, for a two-day summit in Miami. LATAM & Caribbean event is focused on assessing the current digital security landscape and threats in the Caribbean, Central and South America region. Stop by booth #20 to learn about Cellebrite’s latest product developments and how our solutions can help you tackle your mobile forensic challenges.

October 28-31: 2014 Security China

Cellebrite’s APAC team will head to Beijing to showcase the UFED Series at the China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security. Cellebrite, a thought leader in mobile forensics, will be presenting the UFED line of products for the security industry in booth # E1F01.

Stop by our booth to meet the Cellebrite team!

October 29-31: Expodefensa, Bogota, Colombia

Cellebrite will end its October events at another prestigious government-level security show, Expodefensa, organized by the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia, and the High-Tech Corporation and the International Business and Exhibition of Bogota. Our LATAM team will head to Bogota, Columbia to showcase the innovative UFED Series.

Drop by booth #439, pavilion 6 to learn about UFED’s accomplishments in security and defense!

Law Enforcement

October 25-28: International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Orlando, Florida

Later in the week in Orlando, Florida, Cellebrite USA representatives will be on hand at the 2014 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference to demonstrate to police leaders at all levels how they can use a mix of training, policy, and technology to implement mobile forensics strategies in a post-Riley world.

Visit us at Booth #769 to learn more about how Cellebrite’s technical and training solutions accelerate investigations by affording investigators the ability to collaborate more readily with digital forensics examiners, supervisors, and prosecuting attorneys.

Cellebrite APAC assists NGO in the effort to end human trafficking

Human trafficking is epidemic across the world, perhaps especially in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where the prevalence of trafficked persons is more than twice the global prevalence. There, the non-governmental organization (NGO) NVADER assists law enforcement in identifying both victims and suspects in human trafficking crimes.

As NVADER founder and executive director Daniel Walker explains in the video below, human trafficking is one of the fastest growing forms of international crime, bringing US$32 billion in revenue each year to criminal organizations. That’s because it’s one of the lowest risk, highest gain forms of crime, with criminals selling and reselling women and children—and incurring low penalties even if they are caught.

That’s why Walker founded NVADER in 2012. Acting on tips from informants, other NGOs, or law enforcement agencies requesting assistance, NVADER spearheads intelligence-led operations to gather what Walker calls “compelling evidence” against human traffickers.

Yet investigators often found themselves with limited evidence. “During some of our operations in Southeast Asia, we saw that the police would leave the perpetrators’ cell phones on them and never seize them as evidence or of potential avenues for further investigation,” says Walker.

“It became apparent that they did not have the technology to properly analyze the cell phones.  Once of our volunteer staff who had used a UFED as part of an investigation in the New Zealand Police, suggested that we contact Cellebrite.” It was then that Terry Loo, of Cellebrite APAC, arranged to procure a donated UFED Touch to the NVADER team.

Next came training, not just for NVADER staff, but also for local law enforcement agencies, which the NGO empowers to do their own investigations. “Local police in Thailand, for example, now know that any cell phones can be examined. When we are on site they are much more willing to seize them and/or include them as part of the forensic search,” says Walker.

In a single year, the NGO rescued 40 women and children from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, and has facilitated the successful arrest and prosecution of 14 perpetrators. Walker anticipates that the number of extractions will grow, from the five processed since the UFED donation, to many more.

And, while the NGO is still in its infancy, Walker further anticipates a strong showing in Thai courts. “We are opening an office in northern Thailand early next year and the UFED will be used much more frequently,” he says.