5 Reasons to Nominate Cellebrite for a Forensic 4Cast Award

Forensic 4cast AwardsForensic 4cast’s nominations process closes in less than a month! In case you haven’t yet made your nominations, we encourage you to head over to the Forensic 4cast website to do so. (Don’t forget, you might win a 4cast t-shirt!) While you’re there, remember to nominate Cellebrite UFED and UFED Physical Analyzer for Phone Forensic Hardware and Phone Forensic Software of the Year. Here’s why:

1. Breadth and depth in device support.

There’s extracting mobile device data—and then there’s interpreting it. Our decoding matches our physical and file system extractions virtually in parallel, so you can spend more time actually analyzing data than figuring out how to decode it.

2. Versatility in your data-crunching.

While you’re spending more time analyzing data, UFED Physical Analyzer makes it worth your while by adding layers of useful functionality.

  • Search functions like regular expressions and searches for strings, dates, codes, numbers, ICCID, SMS formats, etc. give you the ability to locate user data you might otherwise miss.
  • Filters such as watch lists and entity bookmarks help you cull relevant from less relevant data as your investigation moves along.
  • Timeline and Project Analytics help you visualize your data and drill down to that which is most relevant to your case.
  • Python scripting allows you to add functionality and get even more data from, say, user apps.
  • Malware analysis helps you determine whether spyware or malware was an instrument of stalking, fraud, theft of proprietary information, or other illicit activity.
  • Advanced image carving allows you to retrieve and rebuild corrupted or incomplete image files and fragments.
  • Multiple report formats let you share data with other investigators, supervisors, or attorneys—or put your mobile evidence together with other digital data in review platforms like Palantir, Exterro Fusion, and others.

3. Industry-first support for the most popular brands and models.

You may know that we get access to mobile devices sooner than any other vendor as a result of our relationships with 150+ wireless carriers and OEMs. But did you realize that this means we can extend logical support almost immediately upon a new device’s launch—and that physical extractions are rarely far behind?

4. Ongoing research and development that supports your needs.

User locks, encryption and apps are just some of the forensic challenges we’ve tackled in the recent past. Our support, whether for devices or for issues within them, is always based on requests and feedback we get from customers.

5. Technology that speeds your extractions—and your investigations.

Last year we released the UFED Touch, which we found to be up to 10 times faster than UFED Classic in performing physical and file system extractions on smartphones.

But don’t forget our unified driver technology, our “unsung hero” that prevents software conflicts and crashes, and our custom boot loaders, which can bypass user locks and thus provide forensically sound physical extractions on many devices. Altogether, they make for a solution that lets you focus on building your case—not sitting around waiting.

Nominate us today!

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